The 33 cm long cooking tweezers by CHROMA can be used for classic uses like turning over food that is cooking in the frying-pan or grilling tray, sorting and decorating fine foods on the plate with pinpoint accuracy.

You won’t want to stop using the tweezers for other purposes as well. Whenever it’s too hot or too cold to touch something, too fatty, too unpleasant or unhygienic, the P32 can act as an extension of your hand!

These professional kitchen tongs made of steel are indispensable for the amateur and the professional chef.

Chroma is a manufacturer that bridges the gap between Japanese tradition and the European design with the type 301 series. Chroma type 301 cutlery are designed by F.A. Porsche, who worked closely with chef of the decade, Jörg Wörther, in order to develop the final shape of the handle, which is optimized for maximum usability.

The Chroma type 301 knives follow faithfully the Japanese philosophy, which dictates a knife to be lightweight and flexible so that it feels like an extension of the user’s hand.

They are made of high-quality Japanese 301 steel, a lightweight material which has a 56-58 hardness rating in the Rockwell hardness scale. The type 301 knives are harder than most of the non-Japanese knives and among the hardest knives within their price range. Because of this, each knife maintains its sharpness longer.

Even though the Chroma type 301 knives are mass produced, they are carefully razorsharp sharpened by the hand of a master. Quality control is performed on one-to-one basis and not through random sampling.

SWEDISH TEST FAKTA confirmed “Best in test”.


  • Tongs length: 33 cm / 12,9″
  • Hardness of 56-60° HRC at the cutting edge.
  • Ergonomic handle designed by F.A. Porsche, which offers better control and allows the knife to stand upright without its blade touching the bench.
  • Metal “pearl” which clearly demarcates the end of the handle, for better control when cutting.
  • Seamless construction and hygienic transition from blade to handle.
  • Out of the box sharpness is among best in the industry.
  • Chroma offers special whetstones used to sharpen the type 301 knives. Left sided grinding is to be sharpened 80% on the left and 20% on the right side.
  • Easy sharpening: For the novice user there are available metal “guides” which place the knife on the correct angle against the whetstone.
  • Comes in a black wooden luxury case.
  • SWEDISH TEST FAKTA confirmed “Best in test”.
  • This product is not dishwasher safe.

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