Lichtermeer is an extremely elegant candle holder that will create a unique atmosphere in your home. This candelabrum consists of several separate elements, an elegant, black colored base with five tubes made of tinted glass in 5 sizes. It consists of 3 large glass tubes and 2 small ones. You can place tealights or candles in them and create a unique visual 3D effect due to the combination of their glow with the tinted glass.

This extravagant candle holder has truly earned the name LICHTERMEER, which means “sea of lights”. The mirrored glass tubes are arranged so stylishly, that the lights’ reflections are magical duplicated in the glass. The tubes rest on a powder-coated steel base in matt-black that offers a beautiful contrast to the highly-polished surface.

Romantic lightning with an unusually valuable overall impression.


  • Material: iron powdercoated/ ion plated glass.

  • Color: Silver, Black.
  • Dimensions: 24 x 22 x 19 cm.
  • 5 Glass Tubes with base.

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