Urchin Wall Clock (Lavender/Olive) is a distinguished, easily fixed and expanding wall clock by KLOX. Each Urchin is consisted by a round central piece with lavender minute hand and olive hour hand and 12 lavender spines. You can fix the extremely light central piece on the wall with a screw (included) or stick it on it with a simple move!

Stick all the spines around it and adjust the distance between them to create a larger wall clock! You can also use some of sticks create your own minimal and abstract design!

Time is relative, you can make what you want of it. So why should your clock be ordinary and plain? Make it your own, use the background of your choice, expand its limits, expand your ideas. Urchin inspires you and it is dedicated to people who like to see things from a different perspective.


  • Colour: lavender purple and olive green
  • Material: Plastic
  • Expanding final dimensions.
  • Dimensions: Spines: 17,2 cm each. Center movement circle: 8,5 cm. Minutes hand: 7 cm. Hour hand: 4cm. (see diagram)
  • Fix the clock on the wall with a screw or stick it on it by using the patches (included).
  • Use all the spines or some of them and adjust the distance between the central piece and the spines to  create your own design 

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