The Tippling Tumblers Whiskey Glasses is a set of 2 glasses that breaks with the classical convention of design, and is a beautiful combination of function and pleasure.

Unwind in style with this set of 2 Tippling Tumblers, the ultimate glassware for the perfect sip.

Designed to rock gently, these borosilicate glasses will keep your drink aerated, release its aroma, and provide a unique experience without spilling a drop. The shape of the glass increases the intimate experience of drinking whiskey by accentuating the deep color and movement of the liquid.

Strong and durable, the thick walls keep your drink at the perfect temperature for longer.

Perfect for whiskey, wine or any spirit, elevate your drinking experience with Tippling Tumblers.


  • Whiskey glasses.
  • Set of 2.
  • Material: Borosilicate glass
  • Capacity: 175 ml.
  • Designed by Diamante Design.

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