Swiss Modern Carving Knife is indispensable at various cooking stages and is meant for cutting, chopping, and shredding. With a wide, massive and thick blade relative to its smaller handle, this knife is maximally adapted for almost effortless manipulation without having its blade separated from the cutting board.

The ultimate kitchen tool that will assist you in carving all the large joints and meat cuts with no sweat at all. A super-efficient chef’s Knife, with extra-wide blade 20 cm that makes effortless work of dicing a pork shoulder, or slicing through an eggplant or watermelon.

Its ergonomic form ensures maximum precision and comfort in every cut. The stainless steel blade is perfectly counterbalanced by a sleek, synthetic handle. The subtle, yet standout design means you will always know where it is in the kitchen.

The carving knife is part of the Swiss Modern collection by Victorinox, a line of Red Dot Design Award price-winning knives. The Swiss Modern collection combines elegance and functionality in remarkable kitchen knives, a complete set that includes all the knives you could possibly need for any cutting task.

Elegant design meets high precision in the Victorinox Swiss Modern collection. Every blade is formed of wear-resistant stainless steel with mirrored polish finish to enable effortless cutting whilst the modern handles are geometrically shaped creating a dynamic visual impact and a contemporary feel.

With the ergonomic design of the handles, the knife becomes truly extension of the hand making the process of preparing your food a unique & pleasant experience. The result is a contemporary update of mankind’s most important tool.

Victorinox is one of the most famous Swiss companies in history as it was responsible for inventing the Swiss Army Knife in 1884. Since then has become a globally recognized brand, especially for its fantastic knives. Swiss Modern range is the latest addition to its collection of knives, shows how the company is dedicated to innovating and ensuring they are at the forefront of producing excellent kitchen knives.

With top-quality blades that boast a razor-sharp edge, comfortable handles that rest naturally in the hand and precision engineering to ensure the knives perform at their very best, a fantastic addition to any home cook’s arsenal.


  • Swiss Modern Carving Knife.

  • Length of blade: 20 cm.

  • Material: Stainless, wear-resistant Steel blade.
  • Handle material: Polypropylen Copolymere (PPC).
  • Type of edge: normal straight edge.
  • Net weight: 149 g.
  • Blade Properties: extra wide.
  • Handle color: Black.
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes.
  • Made in Switzerland.
  • Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Collection: Swiss Modern.

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