STORMaxi® Storm Umbrella Special Edition Black + Red Frame – Impliva


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Impliva STORMaxi® storm umbrella is effective and stylish. This aerodynamic storm umbrella has been wind tunnel tested to easily withstand 100 km/h winds.

This unique looking storm umbrella effortlessly slices through the wind, from a summer breeze to a heavy storm. Due to its smart design, the Impliva STORMaxi® umbrella will not invert, and is windproof up to wind force 10, that is 100 km/h winds!

STORMaxi® is both an effective and also a very sustainable storm umbrella.

It was designed on the principle that “It’s just smart not to use more materials in a design than you actually need”. This is what the Dutch consumer affairs programmed KASSA, aired by the VARA broadcasting association, said in praise of the STORMaxi’s® efficient material usage.

In addition to the main feature of the of umbrellas which is the aerodynamic design, STORMaxi® is also equipped with eyesavers and uses a unique open-close mechanism that slides up and down with a pleasant fluid motion.

STORMaxi® storm umbrella offers maximum protection against rain, flawless style, the highest wind resistance and a simple, yet very robust structure made to last for many years.


  • Wind proof up to 100 km/h.
  • Wind tunnel tested.
  • Fiberglass frame with reinforced joints.
  • Black rubber finished handle.
  • Eyesavers at the end tips.
  • Smooth open-close mechanism.
  • Color: Black / Red Frame.
  • Length closed: 82 cm.
  • Max dimension when open: 90 cm.

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