Stone hooks is a set of two hooks in a strong, yet simplistic, design by Normann Copenhagen.

Each Stone hook is made from a natural Icelandic stone with a wall screw and metal tube adjusted. As a result each stone hook is special and differs from its pair, just like stones on a riverbank. Stone hooks introduce a natural element to your interior design.

Hang a set of Stone Hooks in the hallway or in a group to create your own style.

Hang the Stone hooks on a simple white wall in the kitchen or bathroom to give a subtle Icelandic feel to the interior decoration, or let the hooks be the natural element on a boldly colored or wallpapered wall.


  • Material: Natural stone.
  • Size: Ø 7 cm.
  • Each Stone Hook is unique and varies in size and shape.
  • Includes two stones with screws (5 cm in length) and metal tube base (2 cm). 
  • Remember to use the raw plugs that fits your type of wall.

Available: (Ships in 1-2 working days)


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