Umbra SKINNY Waste Can designed by David Quan features an elegant swerving handle, flowing curves and smart use of negative spaces. The result is a unique trash can, unlike any other.

The SKINNY CAN comes in a variety of fun colors and was created to fit in any small or awkward space, whether in the home or office. Its handles make it easy to move around and dispose.

This unique trash can look smart and is designed to fit almost any tight space in the home or office.

FITS ALMOST ANYWHERE: Skinny is a stylish trash can with a modern slim design that looks great and easily fits into narrow openings and odd spaces in your bathroom, bedroom or office.

CLEVER DESIGN: Despite its narrow profile, Skinny trash can hold up to 2 gallons and features an integrated handle for easy transport and disposal of contents.

DURABLE & EASY TO MAINTAIN: Made of super-strong polypropylene, Skinny trash can is durable, easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth and features a rounded bottom with no crevices for dirt, grime or liquids to get trapped in.

ENHANCES YOUR DECOR: Unlike an ordinary garbage can, Skinny trash can makes a statement with its stylish colors and unique finishes designed to enhance your existing décor.

THE ORIGINAL SKINNY TRASH CAN: Designed by David Quan for Umbra, Skinny takes an everyday household essential from mundane to magnificent.


  • Its shape elevates the handle above the waste for hygenic disposal.
  • Rounded bottom prevents liquids from getting trapped in tight corners.
  • Integrated handle.
  • Color: Silver.
  • Capacity: 7.5 litres.
  • Material: Molded Plastic.
  • Dimensions: Width 16,5 cm, Height 33 cm, Depth 34 cm.

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