Designed by Fabrizio Crisà, Shining is a new hood in Elica’s New Evolution line, the natural evolution of the award winning Edith hood. Thanks to the iconic silhouette that recalls the shape of a lamp, Shining fits in with every space in the home: from industrial to vintage, from classic to contemporary style.

It is available in four finishes: copper, peltrox (a treated metal that looks weathered), cast iron (charcoal black), and rust. All of the finishes are embellished with black or polished steel inserts, with attention to every detail.

Shining features a large 9W LED ldisc that is able to light the hob in the best way possible, making lighting one of the distinctive characteristics of the product. It is able to calibrate the ideal level of aspiration, thanks to its sensors that detect the quality and quantity of vapors present in the kitchen. It can be installed as an island through the use of suspended cables, or it can be wall mounted with the elegant support made in die cast metal.

Equipped with a 3S+B remote control, it is easy to install and clean. The new high performing odor filter, the high energy efficiency (class A) and the possibility of connecting it with SNAP (the innovative Elica aspiration system that monitors and improves air quality), complete the long list of its features.

Polyurethane grease filter and Revolution filter are included. Polyurethane grease filters can reach a significantly higher filtering level, at the same conditions, compared to the traditional Aluminium grease filters. The state-of-the-art Revolution filter has a very high efficiency level >82%. Capable of regenerating itself and lasting up to a maximum of 3 years in comparison to standard filters that last 3-6 months. To maintain its characteristics, the filter must be washed every 2-3 months with hot water and mild soap, or in the dishwasher at 65°C. Once the washing is complete and the filter is drained of excess water, it can be dried in the oven for 10 minutes at 100°C.


  • Dimensions: Height 39 x diameter 50 cm. (See also image graphic)
  • Finish: Rust. Ceiling cover in rust, wall-mounting bracket in chrome.
  • Control: 3s +B remote control included.
  • Lighting: LED 9W.
  • Duct Size: 15 cm.
  • Booster Airflow: 200-550 m³/h.
  • Max noise level: 53 db(A).
  • Power: 54 Watt.
  • Polyurethane Grease Filter included.
  • Revolution Filter included
  • Wall mounted or Ceiling Mounted. Cables and wall-mounting bracket are included in the package.
  • Optional: Extension cable 5 metres.
  • Place your cooking hood at ≥ 50 cm above an electric stove and at ≥ 65 cm above a gas stove.
  • 2 year official Elica guarantee.

Upon Request: (Ships in 3-4 weeks)


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