The MP07 Santoku knife 18 cm is a Japanese knife and part of the Kasumi Masterpiece series by Sumikama. Perfectly balanced this precision knife allow you to cut, chop and clean meat, fish, vegetables and herbs.

This forged knive has a 18 cm blade folded 32 times during manufacture, in order to produce a superb characteristic pattern, that of Damascus steel!

Kasumi Masterpieceare a special, limited version of the Kasumi knives. They are the result of consistent further development, improvement, and decades of experience in the company Sumikama the blade forging. Kasumi Masterpiece knives are the best that ever.

The middle layer of the Kasumi Masterpiece blade is made of the best Japanese VG10 Steel, which has been developed exclusively for the production of these high quality kitchen knives. After forging, the blades are again heated to about 800 ° C, then quickly cooled down and so hardened to about 59-60 ° C. Rockwell. The hardness of 59-60 HRC is not only in Japan for optimum hardness as kitchen knives. It allows for a very long service life of the cutting edge (sharpness), but also an equally easy re-sharpening the SUMIKAMA grindstone.


  • Santoku precision knife 18 cm / 7,1″ long blade
  • Material: 32 layered stainless steel VG10 Steel – Damascus 59-60 HRC (blade), Linen-hard (Micarta) resin – special durability and excellent dimensional stability (handle)
  • Cut: Japanese V-Cut
  • Made in Japan (Seki, central Japan).
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • The Japanase kanji stamp, printed on the blade next to the brand name, indicates that this knife is hand made in Japan by master craftsmen

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