Crafted of laminated plywood finished with glossy and matte resins, this remarkable two-door cupboard is characterized by sharp and uneven lines with metal legs. The front panels are decorated with linear perspective to create an illusion of depth: light blue and green with a matte finish and dark blue with a glossy finish. A contrasting rust color defines three sides highlighting the unique, geometric silhouette.

The design is influenced by the light and reflections of the city of Paris, drawing direct inspiration from the sun beams crossing the Notre Dame glasses.

The cupboard features 2 doors and 4 internal shelves. An extremely practical storage piece, the Ritratti cupboard offers a lot of room for storing things, while featuring strong colors and sharp lines that result in a wonderful play of perspectives.


  • Materials: Wood, resin.
  • Dimensions: Length 120 cm x Depth 47 cm x Height 165 cm.
  • Available in two different color combinations: green – blue – burgundy, and yellow – gray – anthracite.
  • Handmade In Italy.
  • The Ritratti cupboard was designed by Marzia & Leonardo Dainelli in 2017.

Upon Request: (Ships in 3-4 weeks)


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