Rethink Your Sink by Joseph Joseph is a stylish sink set that includes two highly-functional products to help make your sink-space shine and clean. An expandable dish drainer and a matching hygienic soap dispenser.

Extend™ Steel is a smart dish rack  with a 2-part sliding tray that allows you to easily adjust the size of your draining space depending on your needs.

Its coated steel prongs have non-scratch tips and can hold a variety of washing up, whilst ribs on the base help channel excess water away and prevent any from being trapped inside upturned cups or glasses.

It has a movable cutlery drainer with slots for sharp knives and a sturdy rail at the back helps support chopping boards or larger items.

Finally the spout in the base allows water to drain directly into the sink and can be set in three different positions, depending on your sink space.

Also included is a hygienic soap dispenser Presto™ with an extra-large pump head, which makes it easy to operate with either the wrist or forearm when your hands are messy. A transparent window in the base shows when you need to refill and the non-slip base keeps the unit in place during use.

Both items feature a fingerprint-resistant stainless-steel finish.


  • Set includes extendable dish rack and hygienic soap dispenser.
  • Drainer’s Dimensions: Closed: 32 x 36.4 x 16.1 cm. / Extended: 52.7 x 36.4 x 16.1 cm.
  • Dispenser’s Dimensions: H: 16 x W: 8 x L: 8 cm.
  • Color: Black / Silver.
  • Material: Stainless-steel, plastic.
  • Wash and dry by hand.
  • Do not use abrasive cloths or strong chemical cleaners.
  • Soap dispenser: Wipe away any soap residue from stainless steel parts.

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