Rectangles Rug is an abstract collage translated into a piece of textile for your floor and walls. It consists of three shades of aqua color complimented by three shades of purple. Rectangles Rug is a sophisticated and timeless model released both in an irregular and a geometric version.

This model rug is made of pure New Zealand wool which is hand dyed with clean colors juxtaposed to create the effect of transparency, luminosity and light. This layering effect is further enhanced by the varying tuft heights which also gives the rug its sculptural quality. Rectangles Rug is available in a variety of sizes and as a rectangular model rug as well.

It is hand tufted by Good Weave artisan weavers and is hard wearing which makes is an easily washable rug. It can be used as an area rug or even as a wall hanging bringing a cheerful and playful style at the decoration of your space.

You can use the Rectangles Rug as a kitchen, dining room, living room or bedroom rug since its modern design makes it suitable for any space. Additionally, this model can be used as a hallway runner as well. At Design Is This you will find a range of wonderful rug designs by Sonya Winner to choose from.


  • Material: Pure New Zealand Wool.
  • Colors: Three shades of aqua complimented by three shades of purple.

*The rug is also available in custom size upon request costing €665/sqm.

Upon Request: (Ships in 8-12 weeks)


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