The 10 cm Precision Paring Knife by Edge of Belgravia is perfect for precision tasks, such as peeling a lemon for the dry martini twist or slicing a strawberry for the cake.

Prepare for inspired cooking into the smallest detail. This is Precision!

Small details can make a big difference, this is what the Precision paring knife is suitable for! It is the perfect tool for various cutting or peeling tasks. You can use it for slicing small fruits and vegetables or peel fruit skins. It is carefully designed to cut extremely accurately every small detail!

In designing the Precision Knife Collection Christian Bird has created a series of knives with immaculate style and impeccable function, which will become the center of your kitchen world. The futuristic design and their unique architectural shape will certainly inspire your cooking.

The Precison Kitchen Knife Collection is a great combination of prominent design and extreme cutting performance. The unique and bold design can be identified in the smooth uniform lines of the knives but also distinctive in the handle which reminds us of the shape of a diamond.


  • Futuristic and bold design by Christian Bird.
  • Easy to sharpen blade.
  • Exceptional cutting ability.
  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Color: Black.
  • Blade: stainless steel.
  • Handle: rubber coated ABS plastic, FDA food safety tested (Food and Drug Administration).
  • Blade length: 4’’| 10cm.

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