Pankiri Bread Knife 22 cm Haiku Home HH06 – Chroma


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The Haiku Home HH06 Pankiri knife 22 cm is a Japanese knife and part of the Chroma Haiku Home series. HH06 Pankiri is a functional bread knife with long serrated blade. This knife is also great for crusted roasts, oranges and other foods that requires a serrated blade.

The Haiku Home knives are designed for the occasional cook or with a tight budget in mind. Compared to the Haiku Original series of Japanese handmade professional knives the Haiku Home are machine made and of one-layered stainless steel.

When compared to the rest of the Haiku Knives, these blades stay sharp a shorter amount of time and the sharpening takes longer.  Also, the blade of Haiku home knives is made from a less expensive and thinner material than the rest of the Haiku series (Haiku originals).

Even so, the Haiku Home series knives are far better than any other typical kitchen knives lying around in people’s kitchens.

In this way they manage to stay affordable and still differ in quality than most common kitchen knives. It is Chroma’s best selling knife-line in Japan.

Produced in Seki, central Japan, in one-layered stainless steel, those high quality knives by Chroma are well known for their sharpness. The knives are laying well in the hand and are very sharp.


  • Machine made Japanese bread Pankiri knife with 22 cm long serrated blade.
  • Material: One-layered stainless steel (blade), Honoki wood (handle).
  • Dimensions:
  • Length: 22 cm blade, 12 cm handle.
  • Not recommended for dishwasher.
  • Made in Japan (Seki, central Japan).

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