Nimba LED hanging lamp is the ultimate ceiling lamp by Antoni Arola and Santa & Cole.

With all the advantages from the commercial success of its predecessor, the Nimba (1997), with which it shares a production system already greatly favoured by experience, Santa & Cole now incorporates plates with LEDs as an alternative lighting source.

The Nimba LED hanging lamp integrates simplicity, high technology and efficiency effortless manner and without losing the magic of its preceding sister, or its soft, warm light and just like her, “like the nimbus or aureole of holy images, it maybe seen, but it is not there”.

“Nimba was my first lamp, the first I designed in my own studio. For this reason, it is very unique and almost mystical aesthetic, it is one of my favorites” – Antoni Arola


  • Material: Stainless steel structure. Black metallic circular ceiling rosette with power supply. White technical of polymer lampshade.
  • Dimensions:
    • Nimba 60 LEDs: Diameter: 60 cm, Height: min. 50 max. 500 cm., Weight: 7 kg.
    • Nimba 90 LEDs: Diameter: 85 cm, Height: min. 50 max. 500 cm., Weight: 9 kg.
    • Nimba 120 LEDs: Diameter: 120 cm, Height: min. 50 max. 500 cm., Weight: 12 kg.
    • Nimba 180 LEDs: Diameter: 180 cm, Height: min. 50 max. 500 cm., Weight: 16 kg.
  • Light Source:
    • Nimba 60 LEDs: Wattage: 45W, Luminous flux: 1798 lm
    • Nimba 90 LEDs: Wattage: 65W, Luminous flux: 2540 lm
    • Nimba 120 LEDs: Wattage: 95W, Luminous flux: 3713 lm
    • Nimba 180 LEDs: Wattage: 140W, Luminous flux: 5550 lm
  • Electric cable length: max 5 m.
  • Colour Temperature: 2700K
  • Voltage: 24VDC
  • Working Life: 40.000 h. CRI (typic) 85
  • Clean with smooth cloth. It is advised not to use any ammonia, solvent or abrasive product.
  • The fixture is delivered in different packets. The assembly instructions are delivered with the fixture.
  • Adjustable light source included.

Upon Request: (Ships in 3-4 weeks)


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