New Nile Obsidian Backpack for Laptop 13″-15″ – Côte&Ciel


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The New Nile Obsidian Rucksack is a convenient and fashionable laptop backpack by fashion-forward French brand Côte&Ciel that features a foldable hood! Its design is a fashion appropriation of architectural principles

New Nile Obsidian evolved from recasting Côte&Ciel‘s iconic Isar Rucksack, with its complex interplay between form, space and practicality. The new model, Nile effortlessly balances innovative modern fabrics and architectural shapes, to ensure that it not only accompanies the journey of universally minded intrepid users, but also it complements it.

The materials used are top quality with interpolating textures that create an interesting contrast between them. The basic material is water resistant coated polyester.

New Nile Rucksack features an external document compartment and two internal accessories pouches, along with a dedicated laptop pocket for safe storage of devices up to 15”. It is capacious and versatile backpack that introduces a concealed hood to protect its wearer from the elements – the ultimate in contemporary urban utility.

The iconic concealed hood (crafted from an ultra-light reinforced rip-stop fabric, traditionally used by the armed forces) to provide the ultimate in urban protection – giving the bag a sculptural and futuristic look and feel.

Its fluid design language draws its inspiration from obsidian, a naturally occurring volcanic glass known for its strength and durability which lines the shores of the Nile River. The Nile Obsidian Rucksack is crafted from water resistant coated polyester.


  • Material: (Obsidian) Water Resistant coated polyester, ultra light reinforced rip stop fabric (hood).
  • Accommodates laptops up to 15’’ inches.
  • Designed in Paris.
  • Dimensions: Heright: 52 cm (20,47″), Width: 32 cm (12,60″), Depth: 20 cm (7,87″)
  • Interior / Computer compartment: Height: 39 cm (15,35″), Width: 27 cm (10,63″), Depth: 2,5 cm (0,79″)
  • The material is water repellent but it is not 100% waterproof. Soaked in water or under a heavy prolonged rain, eventually it will get soaked.

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