An exceptional out of the box candleholder with realistic hand design, complete with long ‘middle finger’ candle.

Place this holder on any shelf or table without the candle and it looks innocent enough, just a standard concrete fist. Once you pop a candle in this perfectly polite fist, it becomes obvious what you are trying to express!

Transforming a candle into everyone’s favorite finger, this is certainly a playful way, if there ever was one, to flip your friends and family the bird.

This quirky candleholder fits standard size dinner candles. One candle is included in the package. A candleholder with a little too much attitude.

This solid concrete candleholder is guaranteed to be a talking point in any contemporary space.


    • Material: Concrete.
    • Colour: White.
    • Dimensions: 18 cm x 10.8 cm x 8 cm.

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