Chroma Type 301 P11 by F.A. Porsche is a high quality Japanese Ceramic whetstone together with a stable stand with rubber anti-slip feet, Grit: 800.

Grit 800: Standard – For regular sharpening / maintenance of edge.

This is one of the sharpening stones recommended for the maintenance of the iconic CHROMA Type 301 series of knives.

The out of the box sharpness of the Type 301 knives by Chroma (F.A. Porsche design) is among best in the industry.

However, since no knife will remain sharp forever and Chroma Type 301 knives, as most specialized knives, are not sharpened with the common metal sharpening rods. For this reason, Chroma offers special whetstones used to sharpen the type 301 knives.

Ideally, the knife should be sharpened daily (for professional cooks) or about every six months (for hobby cooks), and by the same person each time. Each person has an individual angle and movement when he or she sharpens the knife. The blade of the knife becomes sharper each time it is sharpened in the same manner, by the same person.

For the novice users there are also available metal “sharpening guides” which place the knife on the correct angle against the whetstone. With the assistance of these “guides” sharpening a 301 knife with the 301 whetstone becomes so simple that even beginners can quickly master the technique.


200 – 240 – Coarse grain – For pre-grinding of dull knives or smaller repairs.

800 – 2000 – Standard grain- For regular sharpening / maintenance of edge.

3000 – 4000 – Fine grain – For perfect sharpness, for use after the 1000.

6000 – 12000 – Super Fine grain – For polishing until the knife becomes razor sharp, for use after the 3000.


  • Dimensions: 18 x 5 x 1,8 cm
  • Made In Japan
  • Grit: 800
  • Includes Stand
  • Specially designed for the Type 301 knives
  • Metal rail guides available separately (suggested for sharpening beginners)
  • Requires submersion in water for 10 to 15 minutes before use
  • Should be washed regularly by hand to remove any oils or metal particles

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