Impliva Inside-Out umbrella with double-layer fabric is stylish, windproof, and features a convenient and unique inverted opening mechanism.

Built to last: Canopy made of polyester pongee, double layer with breathing holes and UV Protection). Special inverted frame made of fiberglass with reinforced ribs.

Windproof: The double layer design with the breathing holes it more resistant to winds then a typical umbrella. If the umbrella gets inverted you can inverse it again because of the reversible design*

Freedom of movement: The umbrella features a unique C-shaped hands-free grip which allows you to hold it without using your hands. Place it around your wrist and perform any task effortlessly!

Ease of access: The Impliva Inside-Out umbrella makes it very easy for you to get in or out of the doors and cars, without losing cover. You can just walk-in and close the umbrella behind you as you are entering.

Self-standing: Due to the innovative inside-out design, when closed the umbrella can stand totally on its own without any support. No need to figure where to place your wet umbrella, you can just place it anywhere.

Keeps your floors and car dry: Enough with the dripping umbrellas that create a wet mess. This inverted umbrella traps the water inside. You can close the umbrella and place it where you like without water dripping all over.

*this it is NOT a storm umbrella, it is windproof but not tested to extreme wind conditions. If you need a storm umbrella, we suggest that you browse through our umbrellas selection and look at wind tunnel tested umbrellas.


  • Inverted opening mechanism.
  • Special C-shaped hands-free handle.
  • Mechanism: Manual.
  • Color: Black / Blue.
  • Material canopy: Polyester pongee.
  • Material frame: Fiberglass.
  • Diameter open: 107 cm.
  • Length: 80 cm.
  • Panels: 8.
  • Panel size: A: 41 cm, B: 61 cm, C: 56 cm.

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