Traditionally scent, temperature, and taste were the keys to drinking scotch or whiskey. The Hand-Etched On The Rock Glass 5 Piece Set by Final Touch brings two new elements, chilling & motion, to the tasting experience.

The elegant design of the glass allows you to roll the ice ball around the rock peak with a simple & easy motion. The rolling motion of the ice ball will chill your drink while stimulating the senses. See how chilling & motion take your drinking experience to the next level.

ON THE ROCK: The bottom of the glass creates a natural liquid motion increasing the nosing of aromas.

ROLLING: The shape of the glass makes rolling easy without spilling. A slight hand movement rolls the ice ball around the rock evenly and cools your favorite scotch, whiskey or liquor to perfection.

GLASS PATTERN: Each On The Rock Glass features a Japanese inspired Yarai pattern that is cut and polished by hand.

2” ICE BALL: Fill the included silicone mold to fill line and put in the freezer to make a single solid ice ball that outlasts traditional ice cubes.


  • Set includes 5 pieces: Two glasses, two ice ball moulds, one measuring jigger.
  • Glass Measuring Jigger Marked with oz & ml increments.
  • Patented glass design.
  • Made with heavy thick-walled glass.
  • Japanese style Yarai weave-pattern.
  • Materials: : Glass & Durable BPA-free & certified food grade silicone.
  • Glass capacity: 8oz. (237ml).
  • Hand wash only.

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