Set of 4 Grand Canyon Whiskey Glasses inspired by the world-famous steep-sided canyon carved by the Colorado River in Arizona, United States.

Detached from the glass’s bottom is the form of the crystal canyon which creates a fantastic atmosphere for your drink when filled up with liquor.

In addition, you don’t even need to use ice if you don’t want to. Simply store the glass in the freezer and the Chill-Charge System™ will cool your drink.

Chill-Charge System™

The glass sculpture of Grand Canyon embedded within the whiskey glass charges up with cold to chill your drink, evenly distributing it throughout the whiskey without watering down the beverage for the cleanest unadulterated whiskey experience.

Unlocks Aromatics

The Grand Canyon Whiskey Glass offers the optimal expression of whiskey flavors by gently and naturally releasing the aromatic compounds of your whiskey through interaction with the Canyon carving.

The glass is made of 100% lead free crystalline glass, solid and durable. When you fill it with liquor, the shape of the mountain can be seen more clearly and pure.

A very unique Whiskey Glass that will surely make your whisky a bit more adventurous.


  • Dimensions: Height 8.4 cm Diameter 8.4 cm.
  • Material: 100% lead free crystalline glass.
  • Volume: 270ml.
  • Handmade.
  • Set includes 4 Glasses.

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