The FRAGA room fragrance set by Blomus diffuses the fresh scent of “Soft Linen” in your interior, a composition of floral aromas with a sweet herbal note. The liquid fragrance is kept inside a colored glass container, hidden underneath a matching concrete lid.

The characteristic concrete look in the color “Magnet” gives the diffuser a unique touch. The intensity of the scent can be adjusted using the five sticks. The FRAGA room diffuser is available in different scents and every scent also includes a 100 ml refill, including sticks.

Blomus Fraga Room Fragrance Set include a wonderful selection of luxurious home fragrances in refillable diffusers. The fragrance intensity is adjustable. The more reed sticks are being used, the stronger the scent experience.

Available scents are subtle of various natural scents, fig, sandalwood, sea salt, sage, myrrh and others. The aromatic notes come from the natural world, which means that the room is subtly and lightly perfumed.

The container may be refilled with your own favorite scent available in our store.

Set consists of a colored glass bottle (diffuser), a concrete container, 100ml of French Coton fragrance and five reed sticks.

Ideal Set for a delightfully fragrant home.


  • Set consists of a colored glass bottle (diffuser), a concrete container, 100ml of fragrance and five reed sticks.
  • Scent: Soft Linen.
  • Color: Magnet.
  • Material: Concrete, Glass coloured, Synthetic material.
  • Dimensions: Height: 27.5 cm. Diameter: 9 cm.

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