Fish Bone Tweezer 15 cm Type 301 P33 by F.A. Porsche – Chroma


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This little fish bone tweezer works just as awesome as it looks. In fact, it is probably the best fish deboning tweezer in the market.

The P-33 fishbone tongs are the little sister to the P-32 kitchen tongs. Their use allows you to deal with fish – and more – beautifully. 

A good quality fish bone tweezer is an essential tool in every fish cook’s kitchen. With a perfectly shaped, precision close, the Chroma P-33 Tweezer makes the tedious task of pulling fish bones a breeze. It also features wide pinch blades that enable you to pull more than one bone at a time with pinpoint accuracy, and without damaging the flesh.

Whether you want to pick out bones or individual scales from fish, or quills from poultry, with our tongs you can manipulate a great number of things that you remove from your food in preparation for perfect enjoyment.

The broad grippers close exactly, allowing you to work with precision. In addition, the gill-like fluting on the sides of the P-33 permits the tongs to rest safely and comfortably in the hand and thus makes your work easier. 


  • Modern Design
  • Fluted Grip
  • Angled Tip
  • Dishwater Safe
  • High quality Japanese stainless steel
  • Length: 15 cm 

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