The NUDE Fantasy collection proves that the pleasure of wine starts with a glass. Tall and slender, this wine glass set is crafted from clear lead-free crystal and features a characteristically dimpled bottom and a slender stem.

The extraordinarily delicate stem is crowned with an ample bowl with a capacity of 770 ml, expertly shaped to intensify the aromas and flavors of a fine wine.

A glorious set of 4 elegant wine glasses (770 ml) cut from lead-free crystal, a truly lightweight crystal with an elevated brilliance.

Enjoy your favourite bottle of wine in these beautiful and elegant thin-stemmed wine glasses.

Core Design Aspects:

  • Contemporary oval-shaped bowl for a modern look.
  • Brillance, high transparency and clarity, extreme purity.
  • Extremely high durability, withstanding more than 5000 industrial dishwashing cycles (2000 for household).
  • Enhancement in deliverance of aroma, color and flavor to create the utmost in drinking pleasure.
  • High breakage resistance, crafted with perfection.


  • Includes: Set of 4 Wine Lead-Free Crystal Glasses.
  • Material: Lead-free crystal glass.
  • Washing: Dishwasher safe.
  • Capacity: 770 ml.
  • Height: 27 cm. x 7(d) cm.
  • 100% Lead-free crystal: For excellent durability, clarity & purity.
  • Handmade.
  • Dishwasher safe.

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