The impressive ESMERALDA vase (medium) features smooth flowing curves with bursting transparency that makes it incredible chic. A unique design-object that will complement the beauty of your flowers and will make them shine.

What makes this object special is that the vase itself appears as if it is floating in a glass jar – and in doing so, it brings an extraordinary lightness with it. This astonishing effect is further reinforced by the contrast of clear and frosted glass.

ESMERALDA vase highlights any floral arrangement and will stand out as a centerpiece in your kitchen or living room.

The vase is available in various sizes, which can easily be combined with each other. This means that the right vase for different bouquets is always available.

The extraordinary appearance of the vases make them a tasteful decorative object for any room, even without flowers.

Esmeralda is handmade in two parts using the classic hand-blowing technique.

Designed by Prof. Andreas Ostwald.


  • Material: glass, transparent / satin-finished, mouth-blown in glass tube.
  • Dimensions:  Ø 13 x 24 (h) cm.
  • Color: Clear.
  • Size: Medium.

Available: (Ships in 1-2 working days)


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