Escape Cube Wall Lamp is a fixed wall lamp made up from 4 elements in white painted aluminum, horizontally arranged and parallel to each other. There is alo an optional Halogen protection glass.

Escape wal lamp is also available in the version with 7 or 3 horizontal metal elements in various lengths (Escape 78 and Escape 44 Wall Lamps and Escape 113, Escape 80 and Escape 50 LED Wall Lamps).

Escape is a lamp that has been designed in the attempt to experience the dynamism of light in a context of stillness. Α kind of vibration that manifests with the diffusion of the light at different levels.

Each Escape lamp of the Escape collection by Karboxx is composed of a series of perfectly horizontal elements, parallel between them that represent the will to search, by means of this shape, an equilibrium and natural order.

 The Escape collection consists of every kind of lamp, floor, suspended, table, wall and ceiling: a complete range.


  • Material: White painted aluminum, opaline methacrylate diffuser.
  • *Optional Halogen protection glass available
  • Dimensions: Length: 14 cm. Height: 10.5 cm. Depth: 10 cm.
  • Bulbs: HALOGEN E-saver 1x28W G9 or 1x42W G9.
  • Weight: 1.26 kg.

Upon Request: (Ships in 2-3 weeks)


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