Qualy Cacbrush is an ingeniously designed toilet brush, disguised as a cactus.

Don’t let the plant just stay beautifully in the toilet but use it as a toilet brush! Not joking! you can use this cactus to brush your toilet and keep it in place without anyone noticing.

Cacbrush has a very cunning design for an otherwise unfortunate item. It could have been a pen, a toothbrush, an umbrella or even a lamp. But it is none of the above, it is a toilet brush, doomed to clean the spot that that no other object would ever want to touch.

Its unique look apparently refers to the shape of a cactus while its joyful silhouette conceals ideally its graceless operation.

Guaranteed to add a cheerful tone to your bathroom!


  • Material: GREEN ABS+
  • Dimensions: H 41 cm.  Ø 11 cm.
  • Color: White & Green.

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