Just as important as a good knife is a high-quality cutting surface. Wooden cutting boards have proven themselves to be the optimum cutting surface. CHROMA’s CB02 massive butcher board is made from Guminoki wood, that boast the hardness required to keep your board’s surface smooth and unmarred for the longest time possible.

With the CB02, the wooden blocks that constitute that board are placed with the wood fibers vertical to the cutting surface. In this way your knife meets a soft surface that protects its sharpness and the board lasts longer. With 5cm height, the block is thick enough to withstand hits with a cleaver. They are easy to clean and also easy on your knife blades.


  • Material: Guminoki wood (Rubber wood).
  • Dimensions: 30 x 40 x 5 cm.
  • Easy to clean but not suitable for dishwasher.

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