Belt 55 wall kitchen hood, designed by Fabrizio Crisa for Elica, features an innovative design that combines high functionality with looks!

Belt is an air recycling kitchen hood made of exclusive high quality materials finished with black or white glass. Its small depth protects your head while cooking and the glass surface is very easy to clean.

It features a 3S+B touch control system for easy control between the three modes of operation. Belt also features lighting fixture equipped with 2 Halogen bulbs of 20W each. Belt wall kitchen hood has one 290W high performance motor with an output diameter of 150 mm, perimeter aspiration and maximum suction at 650 m3/h. It works quietly with noise level from 43 to 61 db(A).

The Belt wall kitchen hood is available on two versions according to width, the Belt 55 and the Belt 80.

It includes one Aluminum  fat filter and a carbon filter. The carbon filter recycles and clears the air before releasing it straight into the room or to a chimney through a Flue Kit.

It can be fixed on the wall and has one top aspiration exit for both recycling and ducting out the smells. Of course a top aspiration exit is requires a Flue Kit, long (H 450-450 mm) or short (H 220-270 mm).

Place the kitchen hood at a distance ≥ 40 cm above an electric kitchen and ≥ 65 cm above a gas kitchen.


  • Dimensions: Width: 55 cm. Height 55 cm.
  • Finish: Black glass, white glass.
  • Operation: 3S+B touch control.
  • Lighting: Halogen 2x20W
  • Motor: 1.
  • Output Diameter: 150 mm.
  • Suction: 650 m3/h.
  • Noise level: 43-61 db(A).
  • Pressure: 450 Pa.
  • Power: 290 Watt.
  • Fat filter: Aluminum (included).
  • Carbon Filter for air recycling (included).
  • Kit Camino (Flue Kit):Tall (Height 450-450 mm) or Short (Height 220-270 mm).
  • Top aspiration.
  • Place your cooking hood at ≥ 40 cm above an electric stove and at  ≥ 65 cm above a gas stove.
  • 2 year official Elica guarantee.

Upon Request: (Ships in 3-4 weeks)


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