Bellwood Storage Planter by Umbra is an elevated garden bed with room to store multiple plants. A freestanding planter that offers a unique way to store indoor plants of your choice without the pain of bending or kneeling.

Featuring wooden legs that elevate the metal planter box to show off greenery, while keeping it easy to move around, this planter is a modern and versatile storage solution.

Bellwood comes with an inner plastic tray to make planting easier and less messy and is made of rustproof powder-coated metal and real natural-finish ashwood legs to ensure its durability.

Alternatively, can be used as a modern, freestanding storage unit for bedrooms, bathrooms, entryways and more, to hold towels, blankets or other accessories. Its wooden legs double as handles, making it easy to move around.


  • Color: White / Natural.
  • Dimensions: 26 x 91 x 71 cm.
  • Materials: Ashwood and powder-coated metal.

Available: (Ships in 1-2 working days)


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