Silberthal food storage jars are made of borosilicate glass and come with a stainless-steel screw cap and a convenient push-to-open mechanism

This set of four containers includes the below sizes.

1 x 1700ml jar.

1 x 1300ml jar.

1 x 1000ml jar.

1 x 700ml jar.                   

Elegant food storage in the kitchen, the transparent glass containers for food with stickers for labelling ensure an organized and decorative overview of your stock in the kitchen.

Airtight and leak-proof – This makes the storage containers perfect for increasing the shelf life of food such as cereal and protecting against moths.

Practical and space-saving – thanks to the click mechanism and screw cap, the lid can be easily opened and closed as well as the contents are easily poured. To do this, press the lid in the middle. The set is stackable.

Versatile set of 4 – The different sizes are suitable for different foods such as spaghetti, pasta, cereal, flour, cornflakes (1700 ml), beans, rice and sugar (1300 ml) and lentils or nuts (1000 and 700 ml).

Hygienic – The glasses are dishwasher safe and are neutral in taste. Clean the stainless-steel lid by hand.


  • Color: Silver / Transparent.
  • Set of 4 includes: 1 x 1700ml container, 1 x 1300ml container, 1 x 1000ml container, 1 x 700ml container.
  • Material: Glass, Plastic, Stainless Steel.
  • BPA-Free.

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